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The Purchase Process

Thanks for expressing an interest in purchasing a vehicle through Bulletproof Auto Sales and Brokerage.

After our initial consultation over the phone with you, we like to communicate via e-mail. We have found this to be the most effective method of quickly providing up to date auction listings and pricing. If you do not have access to e-mail we are more than happy to continue contact by telephone. Please feel free to “pick our brains” regarding our vehicle recommendations. Because we have access to any make or model vehicle, we do not feel obliged to sell a particular brand or model. This allows us to find a vehicle for you that is the perfect fit and that falls within your budget.

You will find oftentimes we wait till Sunday or Monday evening to send you an e-mail with the upcoming vehicles for the week. This is because the auctions are held every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and vehicles are continually added prior to sale day.

Once we identify a particular vehicle that interests you, we will research the history of that vehicle and provide you with a detailed condition report along with photographs. We will also research previous auction block sale prices in an effort to determine what that vehicle will sell for on auction day. Please remember that these auctions are open to dealers only and members of the public are not allowed on the auction property.

All the vehicles are being sold “wholesale” to the highest bidding dealer with the auction guaranteeing that the vehicles are accident free. If we are the highest bidder, then we have purchased the vehicle so it is important that you are committed to this transaction. If you find that a dealer is selling a similar make or model vehicle online for a lower price, be very cautious. In our experience there are many dealers who advertise vehicles without mentioning their hidden fees or in some cases the fact that they are selling accident repaired vehicles.

All our cars are personally selected by the owner Steve Gormley or his business associate Dan Cojocaru. They are subjected to a thorough mechanical and body inspection. This includes measuring the paint thickness of each body panel using an accurate electronic gauge used to detect re-painted surfaces. We sell only high quality accident free cars that come with a detailed written history report.

Our fee is $1000 per vehicle which includes researching the vehicle, attending the auction to inspect the vehicle prior to sale day, re-attending the auction on the day of sale, delivering the vehicle to a garage of your choice (we also have garages available to complete safety and emission tests) attending the Ministry of Transportation on your behalf and finally delivering the vehicle anywhere in the GTA.

Complete the handy Brokerage Service Contact Form or we can be reached at:

Steve Gormley 905-875-0715 bulletproofauto@gmail.com
Dan Cojocaru 905-875-0715 dan_bulletproofauto@outlook.com

We hope this answers any questions you may have regarding this unique purchasing process and we look forward to finding you a “Bulletproof” car!